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James Caperton
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Is Your Business Prepared for a Disaster?

In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, what would happen to your business’ employee files, company agreements, or other essential documents? A business continuity plan is vital to instill in a small business and consists of the critical information needed to continue operation during unforeseen circumstances. Planning is the cornerstone of success while running a small business, and there is no better way to plan ahead than to detail what would happen in unforeseen circumstances. When first creating one of these documents, important information to include should be contact information of employees and customers, policy information, emergency response and management, as well as step-by-step procedures as to how to retrieve company documents in the event of an emergency. You should consider the effects of disruptive events and how you would go about navigating through each effect. This could be loss of your business facility, a temporary disruption in operations, a technological disruption or an organizational issue (such as a disgruntled employee). Each of these points comes with a variety of complications that needs a specific plan. While there is no 100% full-proof plan, there are steps you can take to further protect your business.

Do you have backups of?
Employee records
Dispatch documents
Customer records
Account records

If you lost your building, would you be able to dispatch? Would you be able to invoice?

In the event of a disgruntled employee, would you be able to quickly change all passwords in order to lessen any damage they may cause?

One of the most important sections in your business continuity plan should be how your company documents are backed up in the case of a technological disruption. The best way to begin to create this section should be to think of what you would miss the most in the event all your current computers suddenly became inaccessible. An ideal solution would be to backup your documents to a third-party source to be able to retrieve them whenever necessary.

For small trucking companies, MYSTC Software seamlessly backs up your company documents and can be retrieved on any other computer using your login credentials. You can attach POD’s, BOL’s, weigh tickets, and other paperwork to the appropriate loads with our scanning capabilities. Your documents will be securely encrypted as well as backed up multiple times in multiple places to assure your information is safe and secure no matter what disaster may occur. Since MYSTC also simplifies dispatch and payroll processing, you will be able to pick up right where you left off with your trucking company after any unexpected event that may occur to your company.

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