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James Caperton
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Be the First to View the Next Generation MYSTC Trucking Software

NASTCs 28th annual conference is right around the corner and MYSTC Software is using this opportunity to make the biggest release in company history. We have redesigned MYSTC from the ground up and plan on unveiling the project at the conference to those in attendance first. You will want to be there when we roll out this new and improved version of MYSTC Trucking Software. What should you expect to see?

Time is money and there is not enough time in the day for a small trucking company. With that in mind the new program will be significantly easier to use and much faster than its predecessor. There will be multiple options to enter individual loads with detail or a quick load entry option that allows you to enter the basic details when you are pressed for time. If you get your loads from a customer in bulk via excel spreadsheet there will be an option to upload multiple loads at once. The new program even uses Microsoft Azure Cloud Based technology, allowing us to use faster servers to better accommodate your needs.

Your company depends on offering first class service to your customers and communication is vital to that service. With that in mind we have built a driver app that allows you to get necessary load information to your drivers instantly. The driver can view all their load details and even update the status directly from the app. The drivers will also be able to communicate back with you in the office with the two-way messaging offered in the app.

Feel like you can never leave the office? We have you covered there too. Our Dispatcher mobile app will allow you to enter loads, dispatch drivers, and view daily activities directly from your mobile device. If you are an owner operator you no longer have to use a laptop to perform the daily functions necessary to run your business. Manage your business from anywhere with our new MYSTC Dispatcher mobile app.

Maps are so essential to trucking companies it seems silly that many dispatch software programs do not visually show you the route your truck will be taking. Not only will the new program show you the route but will give you alternative options. Need to reroute a truck? With the new program you can simply click on a map and add a route point. Multiple stop loads will no longer take several minutes to enter and route. This will eliminate one of the most frustrating parts of the old program. Plan your trucks out for the next week with our new dispatch page. The new dispatch page shows your week in a calendar view so you can see what has been assigned to each driver or truck and what is available. This should eliminate the need for whiteboards and make it so you never miss a load.

Ever wanted to log basic expenses to a specific load? In the new program you can log general expenses and load specific expenses right into MYSTC. They will transfer right over to QuickBooks along with your other financial information. The connection to QuickBooks with the new program will be more streamlined and robust allowing users the maximum benefit.

This is a one time opportunity for you to see the launch of something truly unique in our industry. Be able to say you were one of the early adopters to the new and improved MYSTC Trucking Software. Mark your calendars and book your rooms today!