The Next Generation of MYSTC Software in Beta Testing

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Missy Parsons
MYSTC Customer Service
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The Next Generation of MYSTC Trucking Software in Beta Testing

Beta testing is now underway for our completely new version of MSYTC Trucking Software. We initially targeted existing customers with small fleets, that already have a certain expectation level of features based on our current version of MYSTC. We appreciate our customers and their very valuable feedback. Allowing them to be the original test group was the appropriate first pass at this brand new software.

Now it’s time to onboard new clients who have a different set of expectations, based on their unique experiences. We’re excited to offer this opportunity to the first 25 NASTC members that mention this article via phone call or email. Simply call us at 800.301.2802 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. James is eager to give you your first live demo of the new trucking software.

Our support staff are poised and ready to get you up and using the software in a timely manner. Reduced training time is an expected benefit of the new software given its intuitive design and user-friendly flow of data. Built into the software is an easy feedback future of your chance to give us your thoughts and feedback.

One of the newest features we are eager to show is our advanced load planner. On a weekly calendar view, company owners or dispatchers will have the ability to view all of the loads that have been scheduled, as well as which driver and truck are assigned to the loads. The load planner also gives a list of all available loads that are unassigned, while allowing the user to click and drag to assign the load to the truck or driver of your choice. This feature allows the users to keep track of the daily activity that allows you to send your suggestions and comments right from the screen you’re working in, and the ability to simply take a screenshot if desired. User feedback is critical at this stage in order to allow the software to grow and develop. We hope that you are just as thrilled about this unique opportunity as we are, and that you take advantage of fleets like never before. We hope this part of our new software will allow for more organized planning of which loads are assigned to which drivers.

Another exciting feature announcement is what we refer to as an ‘Activity Feed’. Owners and dispatchers will be able to view the latest information and updates regarding their fleet on every page of the new software with this continually updating list. Some of the items included in this feed are updates on new loads that were created, which drivers have been recently settled, which invoices have been generated, and more! Clicking on any of these items navigates to the relevant page, as well. So, you can instantly view information you want to see rather than having to navigate through multiple screens to find what you’re looking for.

We are also thrilled to show off this new product at the Mid-America Truck Show. Go by and see James at the NASTC booth, number 36257 (South Wing of the Convention Center).